Welcome to The Veterans Group!

Serving Philadelphia and its surrounding communities

Our Mission

The mission of The Veterans Group is to empower Veterans and their family members to once again become productive members of society.

Our Story

The Veterans Group was established in 2007, by a group of individuals who recognized the primary need to shelter homeless men who have served our country. The shelter has grown in just a few years to now have the ability to house fourty eight men. The purpose of The Veterans Group is to provide food, shelter, case management and supportive services to homeless veterans.



Veterans are a particularly vulnerable population of men who, while protecting our country, have encountered the horrific experiences of war. Many of these men now suffer from post trauma that often exhibits itself in symptoms of substance abuse, increased medical issues, and reduced life coping skills.



The Veterans Group works closely with our neighbors to help the men bridge the gap from hospital to self sufficient life. Nearby Drexel University and The Veterans Administration partner with us to ensure the best access to care for our men. Weekly Bible studies and house meetings are held for the men at the residence. 



An environment of order and harmony throughout the house helps to rebuild the men's self esteem. We work together to build healthy relationships with the staff and help the men to do the same with each other. The staff is committed to supporting these men through this transitional time in their lives.