We empower veterans in need
to achieve success in civilian society. 



Our 360˚ model is carefully crafted to position our veterans for sustained success. We offer everything, from fulfillment of basic needs to assistance in obtaining higher education and employment, all in one place.


Veterans are a particularly vulnerable segment of our population. While protecting our country, many have encountered some of the most horrific experiences known to man.

As a result, many battle post-traumatic issues which manifest themselves through a number of different symptoms – substance abuse, increased medical issues, impaired life coping skills – which are compounded by veterans’ lack of family and social support networks.

Many returning veterans also struggle to translate military experience and training into the civilian workforce, placing some at a disadvantage when competing for employment.

All of these factors put veterans at higher risk for homelessness.


A key component to our success is the warm, family-like atmosphere we have cultivated in our home. We foster the type of camaraderie that many of our Veterans came to value and rely upon while serving in combat.

Connecting with fellow Veterans who have endured similar experiences, whether it be at a house social event or group outing, helps our residents build relationships and trust again, which further stimulates their recovery and growth.

We also focus on building the important relationship between our Veterans and the local community by involving our Veterans in service projects. This creates important connections for a group of people that often struggles with a lack of support networks.


We truly believe our culture, along with the efforts we make to sustain it, helps to restore our Veterans’ happiness and confidence, two vital cornerstones of sustained success.



                                       READ RESIDENT STORIES
This house saved my life.
— Thomas Glacklen


                                       READ ALUMNI STORIES
The relationships I have developed are truly
fulfilling and I find myself now at peace
because I am confident and full of hope for
the future.
— Corey Mims

The Veterans Group is a nonprofit that does not rely on government grants. We work hard to independently raise funds in order to ensure that, no matter the political climate or availability of funding, we can take care of the veterans to whom we have pledged our service. For this reason, individual, community and corporate support are critical to our ability to care for our residents. There are many ways you can directly help to ensure the success of The Veterans Group mission.

By making a tax deductible donation, you can touch the lives of Veterans in dire need of support from the people they fought so fearlessly to protect.


Thank you to all of our partners that sponsor our events, provide regular financial assistance, volunteer at the house and offer assistance in so many other countless ways. We would not be able to take care of our Veterans the way we can today without your unrelenting support.

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